Orphée and Eurydice by Gluck in the reworked version by Berlioz in Avignon

© Cédric Delestrade

by Emmanuel Andrieu | 12.12.17 | Read full article


The distribution gathered in Avignon serves the composer (s) with greatness. In the Berlioz version, the orchestra is raised to the rank of protagonist with strong interventions, and the Spanish leader Roberto Forés Veses (musical director of the Auvergne Orchestra) does not miss any opportunity to give to the instruments the preponderant role which is here reserved. This is how he grabs the score with an energy that sometimes borders the aggressiveness, as can a Marc Minkowski when he directs the work, and the instrumentalists of the Regional Orchestra Avignon-Provencele follow (despite some approximations in very early representation) with enthusiasm. On their side, the Choirs of the Opera Grand Avignon, very well prepared by Aurore Marchand, work the color and expressiveness, thus rediscovering the spirit of the original.

Roberto Forés

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