Roberto Forés
By Roland Duclos | jeu Jan 11. 2018 | Read full article © Ludovic Combe Innervating stage intelligence, the soul of this production returns to the lively direction and the theatrical perspicacity of Roberto Forés Veses. He is incarnated musicality, always alert, totally responsive to
© acm-studio delestrade by Irma Foletti | 20.02.2018 | Read full article ” Roberto Forés Veses has a lot of merit to animate the set. The music is lively and removed, the Avignon-Provence Regional Orchestra being concentrated and well coordinated. Some measures are slowed down somewhat artificially, as at
© Ludovic Combe by Florence Lethurgez | 21/02/2018 | Read full article  The direction of Roberto Forés Veses is young and physically engaged. He bestirs himself with great energy to make music come alive, between long moments of musical silence, while the scenic people, including the